I have two fabulous daughters having birthday’s this month. Dacotah turned 24 on Saturday and Sarah turns 30 on the 22nd.  I know that makes me a lucky Dad but what about them?  Could it be that the luckiest people are born in May?  That's the word from researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK .  The study found that half the people who were born in May considered themselves lucky, while this figure dropped to 43% for those with October birthdays, considered the unluckiest month.  There was also a clear divide between seasons. People born from March to August considered themselves to be luckier than those born from September to February. Why?

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

That feeling of being lucky could be due to differences in the way parents interact with their babies during the summer and winter.  In other words kids may have experienced more personal warmth from mom and dad in the warmer months leading to a life-long feeling of better well being ..or…LUCK!