The Yakima County Auditor is retiring at the end of the year. Corky Mattingly-Holloway says after 13 years as the auditor it's time to explore another part of her life, Mattingly-Holloway says there have been a multitude of changes in the last 13 years, she says one of the biggest changes was switching to a mail in ballot system.

"We had chads when I first came, a lot of change, it's been an amazing job to have."

Mattingly-Holloway was recently married so she says she looks forward to time off and a visit with her daughter in Australia. She says she won't be filing for re election in November but knows whoever does take over the office will be blessed with a hard working staff.

Last week longtime Yakima County Sheriff Ken Irwin announced that he is retiring. Both will serve out their terms until the end of the year.