I can admit it…I watch a lot of TV.  I love TV, I quarrel with my wife about TV…and so yes, I am a TV junkie but being a junkie I have to watch out for junk food advertising.

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According to researchers from Armstrong Atlantic State University, if you were to only eat food that was advertised on television, you would be in a sorry state. Your diet would be filled with huge amounts of sugar and fat and virtually no fresh fruit and vegetables!

The university analyzed what would happen if someone ate 2,000 calories a day only from foods that were advertised on TV. The research team analyzed the food advertised during 84 hours of prime time broadcasts and 12 hours of Saturday morning broadcasts. Based on this analysis, a daily diet of food from TV ads would include 25 times the recommended servings of sugar and 20 times the recommended servings of fat.

I guess the plan should be to get up, grab some celery and run in place during the commercials!