Numerous tips from local residents helped authorities arrest a man in connection with Monday's beating death of 54-year-old David Johnson at Harlan Landing near Selah.

The suspect was identified by detectives from the county sheriff's office on Wednesday after reports of the man being seen in the area of the murder on Monday. The 28-year-old was interviewed by a detective and admitted to striking Johnson with a golf club after a short confrontation.

The man had been interviewed by a Washington State patrol trooper in connection to a report of someone throwing rocks onto Interstate 90 between Selah and Yakima. The suspect was released but later arrested by Union Gap police late Monday on charges of domestic assault.

Authorities say the man very closely resembled the murder suspect. His identity and description was forwarded to detectives after the sheriff's office issued an "attempt to locate." He was then arrested for 2nd-degree murder and booked into the Yakima County jail.

The case initially had very little information to go on but numerous citizens contacted law enforcement to tell of the suspicious person they had seen near Harlan Landing.