After nearly eleven months of planning, Argosy Cruises (Argosy) is debuting the new show at Tillicum Village. In addition to the revamped show, Argosy has updated the menu and completely recreated  stage, sets, lighting, and regalia.



To ensure that visitors have a truly authentic Coast Salish Tribes experience, Argosy worked directly with tribal members from early on in the show planning process. The authenticity of the storytelling and regalia has been the number one priority of Argosy. “The relationship with tribal members has been instrumental in the development of the experience at Tillicum Village,” comments Argosy President and CEO, Kevin Clark. “Having their involvement and excitement has been pivotal in the development of the new experience at Tillicum Village. From the storytelling to the handmade regalia by one of the tribal elders, each element of the show is unique and true to the Coast Salish Tribes.”

In addition to new show content, Tillicum Village uses state-of-the-art technology and live performers acting in concert to tell the story of the Coast Salish Tribes. The excitement of sharing traditional storytelling and dance of the Coast Salish through the use of technology and live performance showcases the tribes as modern, involved and looking into the future. This combination is the most unique and compelling native cultural experience in the United States.

For information on the sailing and show schedule or to make reservations, go to or call (206) 623-1445.