The Washington State Legislature has begun yet another special session.
Governor Jay Inslee called for a second special session to start today because
lawmakers have yet to pass a budget .  Both the state house and state senate
have passed their own budget proposals within the past week,  but have been
unable to agree on a final deal.

15th District State Representative David Taylor of Moxee isn't a happy lawmaker today. He's as frustrated as anyone in the fact that the legislature can't come to an agreement on the state budget.  He  says "it's the democrats call for tax increases that's holding up an agreement on the state budget. "The people of Washington have spoken over the last several years that taxes are not the answer.  They have all across Washington voted against tax increases."

Governor Inslee also called a meeting  between his financial office and Cabinet  members to discuss contingency plans in case a budget is not signed by midnight June 30, when the current budget cycle ends. Inslee said there would be a review  of government services to see which ones may be constitutionally mandated, and  noted that more than 50,000 state employees that would potentially face furloughs  would need to be notified.