Yakima firefighters say someone deliberately set fire to a couple out buildings early Friday morning.

The Yakima Fire Department was called to a structure fire on the 800 block of South 11th Avenue at around 7:30 a.m. Friday. When fire crews arrived, they found two detached out buildings fully involved in the fire.

Fire crews were quick to knock down the blaze before it could cause serious damage to any other buildings nearby. Both out buildings were destroyed by the fire.

Firefighters say the cause of this fire is arson.

The fire destroyed the two out buildings and caused minimal surface damage to an attached garage one foot away from one of the out buildings on the homeowners property. The fire also extended into a neighbors detached garage roof area causing some damage and it also destroyed a fence separating the two properties near the alley side.

This is the fourth fire in 10 days in this neighborhood. If anyone has information regarding who may have started the fire, call the Yakima Fire Department at 575-6060.

The Yakima Fire Department would like to again advise residents in the area to secure any garbage or combustible materials to a secure area with a locked fence or gate. Remove open garbage or combustible materials from your properties to reduce the opportunities this arsonist has to start fires in your neighborhood.