To test a new piece of his Rhino Camera Gear, company founder Kyle Hart decided to drop it. From space.

You've got to admit that Kyle Hart has confidence in his products. Perhaps a bit too much confidence.

Hart, of Puyallup, decided to test his new product, the Rhino Slider by dropping it from space. (A slider helps cameras capture smoother film or video images)

Hart attached the slider to a weather balloon, along with three small video cameras. On the way up, the first camera cut out at 15,000 feet; the second made it another 10 minutes, reaching 18,000 feet.

The balloon continued to expand in the thinning atmosphere until, just after passing 100,000 feet, 105 minutes into the flight, it exploded, sending the slider on its return trip.

The video gives us a birds eye view of the flight.

You can tell that the flight took place somewhere in eastern Washington, most likely Grant County.

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