So I was sitting in a waiting room the other day and while searching for something to read to pass the time I found the results of a study on romance. I’m a happily married guy, but a little extra advice never hurts to help keep the home fires toasty. So I read on.

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

The theme was: “Guys, do you want to succeed when it comes to romancing women? Make them laugh”

I have always thought of myself as a funny fellow so I kept reading.

It turns out that this particular study found that women believe funny guys are smarter and more honest.  What a coincidence! That’s what I thought, too! So I kept reading!

The English researchers in charge of the study say that's why women say they want a guy with "a sense of humor" in all the lonely hearts ads and matchmaking websites.

What the women aren’t saying is that they use humor as an indication of a guy's intelligence, because to a woman, a clever man should be more able to provide resources for his children.

However, and somewhat  ironically, I have read other studies that show humor is not linked to intelligence at all -- so then I stopped reading.