It’s the day after Earth Day.  What a party!  We are still sweeping up the recycled confetti and putting the champagne bottles in the recycle bin. The feel good is over and it’s time to get back to the get real.  Today on The Morning News we shared a great Net Right Daily Article called  “Big Green’s Environmental Impacts “  which points out the hypocrisy and counter-productive nature of many pro-environmental policies.

Two years ago, the same folk, Americans for Limited Government along with Free Market America released a video called  “If I Wanted American to Fail.”   Viewed by tens of millions, the video took America by storm with its concluding statement, “If I wanted America to fail, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

On the day after Earth Day 2014, it’s important to remember conservation doesn’t have to come at the cost of energy security and high standards of living. American families deserve the inexpensive energy that’s more possible today than ever before.

Antonio Heredia/Bloomberg via Getty Images