It's the one-year anniversary of my bariatric surgery, time for the before and after pictures!


I started my weight loss journey over a year ago, but the anniversary of my Lap-Band procedure is May 3.  I got a very pleasant surprise when I stepped on the bathroom scale on Friday morning. According to our Official Weight Watchers Digital scale purchased at Costco, I've lost 100 pounds since having surgery.


All totaled, I'm down 144 pounds.


Now for a side-by-side comparison:


Brian Teegarden Image

















Brian Teegarden Image
















Pictures don't lie, do they.  I've gradually had to purchase a nearly complete new wardrobe, except for socks, they still fit. I'm also no longer pre-diabetic, by blood pressure is down, and my energy is off the chart.  My doctor also says that I've added probably 20 years to my life expectancy. That's important since my youngest child is only two.

It has been expensive, at times difficult, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I plan on having a lot more heartbeats than I might not have had at this time last year.