I was reading an article the other day about what Seattle residents think their city smells like. And I've also read that odor is one of the strongest memory stimulants there is. I smell a story here!


The Seattle PI recently ran a feature about what people thought Seattle smelled like. Salt water, the smell of low tide, and urine in Pioneer Square were just a few that were mentioned. I also remember reading about how pregnant women may want to give up their favorite perfume, as pregnancy can mess up the olfactory nerves, making women tie morning sickness and smells together. The result could be a certain scent triggering a sick feeling post pregnancy.

There is no doubt that a certain smell can really stimulate a memory. I can think of a few scents that evoke some of my memories.

If I'm at Home Depot in the lumber department, the smell of lumber and sawdust takes me back to the summers I spent working at the old White Swan Lumber Company. Like wise, when I leave our building on a hot summer day, the odor of the bark mulch in our landscaping reminds me of the time I spent working in a beauty bark plant. Finally, the smell of fresh cut grass in August reminds me of high school football practice.

What are some of the smells that bring back  memories, good or bad, for you?

You can read the Seattle PI's article on Seattle smells here.