Here's a poem I wrote in honor of National Single Parents Day and National Poetry Day.

Dad as Mom
Mom as Dad
Toughest Job You Ever Had
Greatest Challenge
Greatest Joy
Single Parent of a Girl or Boy
Learning How to Play with Dolls
Learning to Play with Bats and Balls
Scrapped Elbows and Knees - Quite a Mess
Jeans and Sneakers and a Party Dress
teaching Cars and Manly Things
Sharing Hopes for Diamond Rings
Confidence and Self-Esteem
Nurturing Future Hopes and Dreams
Walking Across the Stage At Last
Diploma in Hand, A Monumental Task
All the Struggles, the Tears, the Fears
A Distant Memory as Independence Nears
Filled with Pride, Heart Bursting with Love
So Very Grateful for Help From Above
This Chapter Ends, Yet Life Rolls On
Thanks to You Heroes Who are Both Dad and Mom