A decision to seek bariatric surgery wasn't easy, but so far the rewards are worth it. I've been battling weight most of my life. The "yo yo" pattern of lose weight, gain it back, lose it, gain more back has had a hold on me for years. Except for the years I was involved in athletics, I was the class fat kid. Combine that with a slow metabolism, heredity, and a bad case of sleep apnea, and you have a recipe for morbid obesity. Morbid obesity. In a nutshell, my weight was going to kill me.

At my last physical exam, my primary care doctor told me that diabetes was in my future. I think that was the impetus for me to seek help. That and the fact that I want to see my children grow into adulthood.

To make a long story short, I had what is called "Lap-Band" surgery on May 3. I had lost some weight in preparation, and have lost 31 pounds since surgery. I don't recognize the face I see in the mirror now.

I think I will like getting to know that guy.

I'll update you from time to time about how things are going.

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