Marc Salem makes his living and a very good living being an expert on reading people.  He is a professional mind reader/psychic entertainer and from time to time he’s asked to share his observations on such subjects as “body language”, “non-verbal communication” and “first impressions”.  He was recently asked about what it is that helps to convey authority in the workplace. 

Look around your office.  Are you sending the message you want or think you are?  Here are 7 objects that convey authority in the workplace, according to Marc Salem's Mind Games website.

  1. Your diploma. Some people think it looks tacky, but it demonstrates ability, pride and confidence. Don't give it center stage though.
  2. A family photo. It defines who you are.
  3. A dumbbell. Set it on the floor in full view. It says to your co-workers, "I take my health as seriously as the company's."
  4. A map or globe. It demonstrates you're a big picture thinker.
  5. A signed anything. It conveys importance through association.
  6. A set of something. Encyclopedias, rare books, whatever. It shows you have a focused and curious mind.
  7. A ticking clock. It says, "I'm important and busy."