I was raised on a farm in the 1960’s. My mom was a “stay at home” mom with a few “minor exceptions” for  - driving truck and shoveling grain during harvest, driving tractor and stacking bales during hay season, helping to milk cows and pasteurize milk and she also sewed our clothes, cooked and hauled hot meals to the field so the work could continue and so very much more.  She was a tough cookie as were all farm women in those days. 

There is no way to put a value on her contributions to the success of our farm and family.   But that was then….And today, while one might think that women in the workforce command more respect and big salaries, it turns out, stay-at-home moms are still worth quite a bit themselves when you factor the tangibles and intangibles. So, exactly how much is being a mom worth?

Data compiled by Salary.com indicates stay-at-home mothers work 94.7 hours a week, significantly more than the standard, 9-5 workday.  When you combining her duties, which range from laundry to cook to psychologist, mom could command $17.80 per hour on the open market, which totals $112,962 per year.  What about the soap operas and bon-bons?  Yeah right!

How does that compare to the working moms?  After all, they still have mom stuff to do in addition to their jobs. For those hard working Harriets and Helens the  “mom salary” would average $66,979 per year at 57.9 hours for duties around the house beyond her paying job.

Agree with this breakout or not…moms are Amazing in all they do…remember that when Mother’s Day rolls around on May 13th.