Thursday morning on the Morning News with Dave & Lance we talked a bit about soccer and the world cup craziness.  We tried to find soccer’s appeal and we certainly found its faults as a spectator sport. Our less than scientific conclusion on soccer’s behalf is that it takes no equipment or technology, one or two can have fun practicing in very little space, no money is required for gear so third world countries can afford it.  Soccer’s best athletes aren’t giants or muscle bound freaks—anyone with endurance and a little foot-eye-coordination can play.

But there isn’t much scoring or real excitement and there seems to be a certain amount of “lucky shots or bounces” that get through--you don’t ever see a lucky home


There seems to be a little too much drama and over acting as well—remember the NBA is cracking down on flopping!

And then there is this…we lost today and we still move on!  Losers move on in the tournament??  That’s not right and its one of the exciting things about other sports is when you play for your life because the winners go on and the losers go home.

So color me dinosaur green and call me old school but FIFA is phfffft  in my world.  USA, USA,  USA, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAl, oh wait, we didn’t score one..and we STILL move on!! Sheesh!