It’s the first full week of summer and all across the Yakima Valley the grills and bar-b-ques are heating up!  Steaks, burgers, hot dogs, pork chops and fabulous fish dinners are cooking to perfection.  What’s that?  What about the vegetables?   Good question.  We’ll cook some veggies but they won’t be the main course—just ask the Austrians why! Vegetarians may tout the benefits of their meat-free diets, but new research finds they're actually "less healthy" than people who eat meat. Researchers from Austria say they found vegetarians visit their doctors more than meat eaters and are more prone to allergies, cancer and mental health problems.

The experts say that vegetarians actually have double the risk of allergies and 50 percent increased risk of heart attacks and cancer compared to their meat-eating counterparts. However the research did show that vegetarians are usually more active, consume less alcohol and have lower BMIs than meat-eaters. Researchers say more research is needed to confirm their findings. (Daily Mail)

I volunteer to handle the research...pass the tri-tip steaks!

Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images