Sunday afternoon as the Packers were battling the 49er's I was battling years of rust and inactivity.  I agreed to go for a walk with my wife Sara, daughter Kate (gator) and our new dog Dewey.  Destination-Cowiche Canyon.  It was beautiful, refreshing and for the most part fun but it was little ambitious for my first real outdoor action in quite some time.  Perhaps a flat track would be a better idea for a while.  But there is no denying how much fun Kate and he cousin Julia had, a D

ewey too for that matter.

And that's just one of the many benefits of having a hound.

Owing a dog can slash the risk of childhood obesity. Researchers discovered that kids who have a furry four legged friend are more active, get more exercise and are less sedentary than those who have no canines in the castle.

Studying child heart health, the scientist measure the number of steps walked and time spent outside, noting moderate to vigorous levels of activity in children ages 9 and 10. The results were consistent for boys and girls. It could mean that dog family kids move more while playing or walking their mutt versus non-dog family kids, who instead tend to play on the computer or watch television.

Dr. Christopher Owen, a professor of epidemiology at St. George's University of London, where the study was conducted, says that having a hyper hound to play with can reduce the odds of obesity and diabetes in children. He notes: "It will confer a benefit on their health."

Great...but what about MY legs! OW!