Gilbert Park has long been home to the Allied Arts of Yakima, but a weakening building has the group homeless temporarily and given them an opportunity to examine their future.

Executive Director Robb Wasielewski tells KNDO News that one side of the building is jutting out and they are concerned for the safety of the people inside. They called city inspectors who determined the building needed to be closed until structural engineers can take a look.

The director said he expects the closure to last about two weeks.

"There's a sort of silver lining in this cloud in that we're in the middle of a strategic planning process," said Wasielewski. "It's great that it's happening now as opposed to after we've already set what were going to do and then 'uh oh.' We've got to deal with the building."

The group is using the planning process to consider its future in the valley including where they want to reside in the future.

The Warehouse Theater Company is a regular tenant. They were using the building for their holiday production but are now in the process of making adjustments.