New for 2013…in 4 words.  We don’t tweet…yet and we know many of you in the KIT audience may never tweet but the twitter phenomenon is alive and well out there and seems to be a big part of the conversation and expression mechanism for today’s younger generations.  That being said there is a bit of an enticing challenge to be able to find a way to say just what you want in 140 characters.  So while we work up speed to get to a real twitter account we thought we would have some fun with a new segment called “In 4 words”.  We’ll post a question or premise and ask you to respond in FOUR words only.  We started this morning with a request to sum up 2012 in 4 words.  Some of the responses:


Obama Won America Lost

We’re Americans, Carry On

Hilary Isn’t Really Sick

Don’t Tread On Me

Thank God It’s over


The request for Wednesday is to sum up your hopes and expectations for 2013 in four words.


Araya Diaz/Getty Images

We hope to have a sponsor soon and to be able to offer the occasional prize but for right now, duly noted cleverness will be is its own reward.  We invite you to call in at 972-5481 or comment on line at  or on our Face book page.  This should prove to be a lot of fun and it just the beginning of the tweaks (tweets) and adjustments we have planned for 2013.  We hope you’ll join us.  Thanks for a GREAT 2012 and Happy New Year!!!