Marijuana business license applications keep rolling in in Washington.

The state Liquor Control Board says it has received 1,696 applications from people seeking permission to grow, process or sell cannabis under the new recreational marijuana law.

The application window opened Nov. 18, with a deadline of 5 p.m. on Dec. 20.

A total of 34 entities have now applied for marijuana businesses in Yakima County, only five of which are for retail businesses. The majority are listed in unincorporated areas.

Of the applications received so far, 794 are for growing licenses, 579 are for processing licenses and 323 are for retailing licenses. The state isn't capping the number of growers or processors, but says it will only allow 334 pot shops statewide.

It's allocated 21 of those stores for Seattle. So far there are 54 applications for those licenses, which is expected to trigger a lottery.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has recently asked the liquor board to boost to 50 the number of stores allowed in Seattle. He says limiting the number of pot shops too strictly would allow the black market to continue to flourish and threaten the success of the law.