Today on "The Mike Bastinelli Show," Several African-American leaders and pastors have formed a group that will run ads in target states reminding the black community that “God Said marriage is between one man and one woman” and urge them to vote “God’s values and not their party’s.” God Said is made up of many pastors and leaders, including Day Gardner from the "National Pro Life Black Union ., and their goal is strip away 25% of the black vote from the 2008 election – an achievable goal since a Zogby poll came out today that showed 18% of African Americans are undecided this election cycle. Day will join us in the 3 o'clock hour.  In the 4 o'clock hour., is theTea Party still viable?  Local Tea Party spokesman Kirk Groenig will be in studio to talk about the local Tea Party.  During the 5 o'clock hour we will find out all of the exciting things happening in Tieton, Ed Marquand will join us to talk about "MIghty Tieton."   Today from 3 to 6 on Newstalk KIT.